A Look at 2014’s Consumer Electronic Show, IP Law and Predicting the Next Hit on Today’s My Cool Invention Radio Show!

When it comes to cool gadgets on of the biggest events in the new product world is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas! On today’s show we’ll be taking a look at the trends and exciting inventions that are set to transform our daily lives in the coming year.

We’ll also continue our look back at 2013 and hear some of the interviews and people that made the past year of inventive radio a success.¬†¬†From protecting your invention or idea to seeing if it will be the next 100 million dollar idea. Our first interview will be Intellectual Property attorney Suzy Marteny and second on the My Cool Invention Radio roundtable will be Bob Goldstein of Predict A Hit.

Definitely a show worth listening to! Check it out at 4PM Eastern on one of our affiliated stations or streamed live from our site on MyCoolInventions.Com. If you missed the show make sure to check back and listen to the podcast on our site.