You Ask What I Do. Here It Is!

I’m a Pioneer of TV Shopping and one of it’s first hosts! Some call me a Pitchman, Spokesman, Infomercial Host, Star Man and a SciFi geek. To others I’m the one most turn to first! In my realm of experience, the last one always rings true. If there’s a problem looking for a solution I always find a way!

The last 6 years I helped American entrepreneurs and inventors find their way in the vastness of of all that is Direct Response and Television Shopping. I thoroughly loved to hear their stories of inspiration and plans for the future. Our nation is one built on the innovation of some of the most interesting people on the planet, the American Inventor.

Just recently I helped create a eclectic company of some of the most knowledgeable and talented people I’ve ever had the chance to work with. The company, Mercury Commerce, based in the cities of Tampa, Seattle and San Diego. We are an American based company with over a 80 years of combined sales experience. We thrive on helping small business owners and inventors discover their dreams, and building their product sales and history with our in-depth “Road Map to Success” from Retail to Catalog, Live Demos, Advanced Digital Marketing and Television Shopping Channels.

I’m particularly proud of a new division of Mercury Commerce and one that I co-own called ILS. International Live Shopping has extensive connections and partners worldwide that helps us bring consumer products to top live shopping networks in the U.S. and over seas. We have over a half century of experience of successfully identifying, developing, marketing and distributing, some of the coolest products and innovation to shopping channels all over the world! Each of our products are designed to save consumers time and money by providing affordable, convenient solutions to everyday problems.

We are well connected throughout the business community and our core team members are known as “Dream Weavers” for innovative products that every household needs and desires. Our years of tireless efforts have given us the skills needed to launch a brand from the ground up and turn it in to a multi million dollar world wide phenomenon.

Our company works hand in hand with some of the largest and most successful box stores, such as Costco and Sams Club, as well as featured events like the Minnesota, Wisconsin and California state fairs. We also work heavily with demo companies on a global scale, while putting more and more Americans back to work placing your products in front of millions of buyers, using our unique selling methods.

I’m proud of our accomplishments and thoroughly look forward to the road ahead. If you’re an entrepreneur, innovator or product owner I have a feeling Mercury Commerce might just have the team you’re looking for to make your dreams a reality! Please feel free to contact me anytime! My email is

2016-2017 Continues to Be a Great And It’s Not Over Yet!

4 Infomercial are currently running this year and more to come! 2016-17 have been exciting ones. Dr. Ho’s Physio Belt continues to run all over the world 8 years later! Long Form Backnetix is running all over the world. The Simple Step rolled out to great reviews and Power Steam steam is running too!