Casino Royale – Children’s Miracle Network Benefit

When it comes to children there is always time for a good cause, and the Casino Royale event put together by the girls at Maven Management was an incredible success! Kirsten Haglund, Miss USA 2008, Kim Parrish and Jen Crawford spent months creating the ambience with the perfect backdrop of Tampa Bay, and a gorgeous sunset, at the Westshore Yacht Club. Many of Tampa Bay’s A-List celebrities were on hand with a combination of some of the most philanthropic and caring people in the home shopping industry! Many of you may not know this, but I have my own Children’s Miracle Network story to tell…and it has to do with the birth of my youngest son, Alec, and his first few months of life on this earth. Alec was born prematurely and had difficulty with his lungs and heart immediately after his first breaths. Kelli had no idea while she was recuperating that we were whisking Alec away to All Children’s Hospital, in St. Petersburg, to get immediate care. For me, as a father of two already, I was completely terrified. The doctors and nurses of All Children were some of the most amazing people that I have ever met. From Alec’s first few minutes until he was thriving and ready to leave and come home, they were hand in hand with Kelli and me the entire way. I would get off the air at 3AM and then head immediately to the hospital where the staff would be waiting for me to help feed and talk to little Alec as he fought his way to health. I will forever be grateful for their support and encouragement during those toughest of times.

Casino Royal Event – Tampa April 29th, 2009

Great event this evening! The Casino Royale event for the Childlren’s Miracle Network was a big success! Besides helping a great cause I had a chance to hand out with some of my friends!


Prince Scipione 'Skip' Borghese and His Brother, Lorenzo!

Me and One of My Dearest Friends Bobbi Ray!

Me and Miss USA 2008 Kirtsen Haglund

The Three Legends! I Was Going to Use the ‘The Three Kings’ But That Was Already Taken! Hehe…

Anthony Sullivan, John Cremeans, Bill Mays
Anthony Sullivan, John Cremeans, Bill Mays

The ‘Pitchmen’ Premiere party was an incredible success! It was like a ‘Who’s Who’ of Interactive Television Shopping! Kept up with a lot of great friends and pretty much behaved like a rockstar…hehe! Ok, maybe not that crazy! It was great seeing Billy and Anthony and to share in their success. They were only ‘newbies’ in this industry when they arrived on my midnight to 3AM show on HSN, but from the moment they hit the set, to the time we were on air, they were incredibly professional and an asset to this industry.

And So It Begins…

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