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Miss Saturday’s Show? If you did we’ve made it easy for you to catch up and listen to the show! You can listen to our February 1, 2014 podcast on the player on our site or download it to take along while you’re on the go! Pitchman Marc Gill joined Akos and John for a whole lot of fun! It’s a show you won’t want to miss!

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When Pitchmen Collide All Hilarity Ensues! A Do Not Miss My Cool Inventions Radio Show Airs Today!

What happens when you put Pitchmen Akos Jankura, John Cremeans and Marc Gill together in the studio? Incredible laughs and sharing of past pitch stories. Today’s show is definitely one you’re not going to want to miss! Listen live on stations all across the country or streamed live from our website and iHeartRadio.Com!

3 Pitchmen, 1 Studio. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

3 Pitchmen, 1 Studio. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

New Daily Weekday Broadcast of My Cool Inventions Starts February 3, 2014

My Cool Inventions Radio has exciting news to report in the latest edition of the Inside Invention Newsletter. In addition to the successful nationally syndicated weekend radio show that runs 4-7pm EST, on Saturdays, My Cool Inventions has recently been picked up by America’s Talk Radio Network and are now being broadcast weekdays also. Starting Feb 3rd, MCI will add a 9 to 11am daily broadcast. The show is replacing the Duke and the Doctor program that currently airs in over 120 cities coast to coast. “This is more than exciting” according to host Akos Jankura. “We are adding a larger audience starting Feb 3rd. More people to expose to the inventive process and help inventors with their inventions.”

As the radio stations confirm city by city, My Cool Inventions will post the radio station information on our web site as it comes in. “With 2 hour broadcasts everyday, in addition to the 3 hours on Saturdays, inventors who get on our show will have a massive audience to pitch too!”, according to host John Cremeans. The format will include the Inventors ‘pitching’ their invention to the audience. Then the listeners will vote ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’. Thumbs Up winners will then be promoted by the producers of the program to best maximize the inventors exposure. Akos says, “We don’t know where it will take the inventor, but we will use our contacts and leads to try and help the success o the inventor. We encourage every inventor to get this free exposure!” It will be an exciting time. If you’d like to have your invention considered make sure you submit your idea or invention to our producers by clicking on the – Submit Your Invention – button on our website.

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