Doctor of Shopology Sighting on HSN!

Yes, it may be early, but I’m having a great time on HSN today! Arrived at the HSN studios at 12:30 AM for a 3AM Show, then I’m back on at 9AM. I’m filling in for my friend, Akos Jankura, and presenting some awesome cleaning products!

Me in Greenroom #5 at HSH

On it’s way to an early Sell Out! The Doctor doing his thing!

America Voted and a Winner Has Been Chosen in Our Search for This Past Years Top Invention!

In what could be called an amazing finish to the My Cool Inventions Radio’s Genesis Search for America’s Top Invention, a winner has been chosen by those that voted in the national invention contest!

“Last weekend 4 Inventors pitched their inventions to our nationwide audience. Not only was it exciting, but within days of the final pitches the voting platform was maxed out by fervent inventive supporters voting on their favorite inventor!” according to the show’s host Akos Jankura.
Inventor and mom, Lindsay Satmary, from the Tampa, Florida and her invention ‘The Chirt’ beat out the final contestants and became the winner of a $50,000 Value Marketing Package from My Cool Inventions Radio!
“The quality of the pitches and the veracity of each invention’s supporters were overwhelming”, added co-host John Cremeans, “The response was from all over the country”
America Votes
America Votes!
The process of finding “America’s Top Invention’ started back in May as the show sought out inventors from all over the country to send in their inventions and be voting on by American’s all over the country.  ”The response was overwhelming”, says John Cremeans, the show’s cohost. “We had 1,000s of invention submissions with inventors getting their friends, family and coworkers to vote for their invention, just to get in to the top 64 inventions. Tenacity, ingenuity and social marketing skills helped in getting to this point in the contest!”
“We really had some great inventions this year” stated Akos, “I really would have liked to see everybody win! These inventor’s have a passion to create something that helps everyone in some way and got their chance to make a big splash and get their invention noticed by our listeners!”
Make sure to listen to My Cool Inventions Radio this week starting at 4PM Eastern to hear from the winning inventor, Lindsay Satmary, live on the show.
My Cool Inventions Radio Network broadcasts a 3 hour radio show that airs live Saturday 4-7pm.  With broadcast coverage in dozens of broadcast markets (and growing), digital coverage on Sirius XM, IHeartRadio, TuneIn, and ITunes, 200,000+  listeners are engaged with the weekly broadcast. John says, ‘Inventors now have the ability to have their message heard by a nationwide audience.” My Cool Inventions is also in negotiation to take the radio program to the Television airwaves and are preparing for their next big invention search to be announced soon. The bottom line is My Cool Inventions gives inventors a very large and growing platform to showcase their product invention at no cost. “Everyone thinks they have the next big idea and now they have a chance to prove it”, says Jankura.

My Cool Inventions Genesis Grand Finale Podcast – December 14th, 2013 Is Now Available!

The Podcast feed has been posted for this past weekends December 14th, 2013 My Cool Inventions Radio broadcast. The voting continues so make sure to listen and vote for your favorite inventor! This is the final grouping of inventors in the ‘Final Four’ Finale! If you missed the show you can listen to the podcasts to get all the information on Genesis – The Search for America’s Top Invention!
To Listen to our podcasts or download them click on:
Hour 1 – Listen Here 
If you missed any of yesterday’s Inventor’s Showcase hours featuring ‘Sold Outrageous’ you can go back and listen to the final two hours of the broadcast on our website – MyCoolGadgets.Com! Just click on ‘MyCoolGadgets Radio Show’ and it’ll take you to the podcasts! Click Here

Look Who Stopped By! The Other Half of John and Johnny!

Johnny and John...Reunited!

Johnny and John…Reunited!

To say last night was memorable would be an understatement! The team from the Found Footage Festival, Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, and someone that remains and industry legend Johnny Rhodes…the other half of the hilarious John and John duo from AVN!

The Before...and the After!

The Before…and the After!