My Cool Inventions Radio’s Search for America’s Top Invention of 2013 Grand Finale Airs Today

1000’s of inventions, months of inventor pitch offs and American’s voting have led up to the final four inventors vying for a $50,000 marketing package and the title. “America’s Top Invention” on My Cool Inventions Radio later today.

Genesis marks the beginning.  It defines the start of the inventor’s path to success.  Inventors know how hard it is to get access to the people who could help them sell their product invention.  They need retail, catalog, internet, shopping channel buyers to take notice.  They need to cut deals, with distributors, people looking to license their idea, and get started making money with their invention.  In addition many inventors make the mistake of not testing the market viability, not subjecting their idea to a focus group, not even knowing if people will buy or even like their invention.  When they do attempt to address these concerns, frequently they are faced with massive costs, and even questioning the integrity of expensive reports.

In order to answer these concerns, My Cool Inventions Radio Network the nationally syndicated invention radio show, launched Genesis –The Search for America’s Top Product Invention, earlier this year.  According to the show’s host Akos Jankura, “The winner of Genesis will enjoy one of the largest and historic prizes, a national marketing and advertising campaign worth over $50,000!”

“Today is a very exciting day for four very lucky inventors”, according to Jankura. “These inventor’s have a passion to create something that helps everyone in some way and now they get the chance to make a big splash and get their invention noticed by our listeners!”

The process of finding “America’s Top Invention’ started back in May as the show sought out inventors from all over the country to send in their inventions and be voting on by American’s all over the country.  “The response was overwhelming”, says John Cremeans, the show’s cohost. “We had 1,000s of invention submissions with inventors getting their friends, family and coworkers to vote for their invention, just to get in to the top 64 inventions. Tenacity, ingenuity and social marketing skills helped in getting to this point in the contest!”

This week’s FINAL FOUR invention contenders are:

·  Hot Ice presented by Helenya Gradidge from Georgia
·  The Chirt presented by mom inventor Lindsay Satmary from Florida
·  The Key Tag Folder is presented by inventor Dominic Rivera from Illinois
·  Cubodira presented by inventor and dentist, Dr. Paul Chalifoux  from Massachusetts

Listeners will be invited to start voting immediately after each inventor pitches their invention during the first hour of today’s show. They can participate by “text to vote”, internet voting and tweeting each invention keyword to @Poll on Twitter. The final pitch off begins at 4PM Eastern Time and can be heard on radio stations across the country or from the live stream from the My Cool Inventions Radio website (

“Who knows? One of these inventions may be America’s next 100 million dollar product idea!”, says Jankura. “Today continues these great American’s journey to success!”

My Cool Inventions Radio Network broadcasts a 3 hour radio show that airs live Saturday 4-7pm.  With broadcast coverage in over 30 major broadcast markets (and growing), digital coverage on Sirius XM, IHeartRadio, TuneIn, and ITunes, two hundred thousand plus listeners are engaged with the weekly broadcast. John Cremeans, co host of My Cool Inventions Radio says, ‘Inventors now have the ability to have their message heard by a nationwide audience.” My Cool Inventions is also in negotiation to take the radio program to the Television airwaves.  The bottom line is My Cool Inventions gives inventors a very large and growing platform to showcase their product invention at little or no cost. “Everyone thinks they have the next big idea and now they have a chance to prove it”, says Jankura.