As one of the longest lasting consecutive male hosts in the direct response industry, and one of it's most recognized names, John brings instant credibility to any product that he represents! His tenure, and expertise in developing, selling, marketing, and promoting new products is unparalleled in the Television Shopping Industry!

John has Successfully Hosted over 40 Long and Short Form Infomericals  Produced by various companies including Telebrands, BulbHead, AllStar, Industex, Torstar-TMGTV, Kevin Harrington's TV Goods Inc., Tim Harrington's HM3, The Cole Media Group, Onyx Media, AsSeenOnTv.Com and many more! He was also the first host and spokesman for AsSeenOnTV.Com and their daily Deal of the Day as well as Spokesman for Canada's Shop.Ca website. In the Direct Response Industry you either sink or swim, and John has connected with the televsion audience like few have in this business. People have come to trust him and what he represents. They like his honesty, integrity and knowledge about the products he represents and more often than not, they will buy what he recommends.

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