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Cremeans Media welcomes all product submission types and we are always on the lookout for exciting new consumer products that solve everyday problems. Each product submission is reviewed for product attributes that have the best opportunity for success on shopping channels and retail distribution worldwide. These qualities include: new, revolutionary, innovative, demonstrable, solution-oriented, great value, high quality, and relatable.

Make sure to provide a complete and accurate description of your product or innovation. Tell us how you have ensured the quality of your product. Additionally, regardless of whether your product has already been manufactured or not, we want to hear your story! 

Once we review your submission, you can expect a timely decision via email.

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Terms of Submission

Cremeans Media Group (“Company,” “us,” “we,” or “our”) owns and operates this website designed for use by marketers, buyers, inventors and people with special skills and services connected with new ideas for product and service inventions. The Company offers access to a variety of services through the Company’s Website (as defined below) and related online features and applications (any such services, features, applications and information provided on or through the Company’s Website shall be collectively referred to herein as “Services”). The purpose of this Website Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement”) is to set forth the terms under which you agree to be bound while visiting our website, linking to our website, interacting with us through submissions or other activities, and/or using our Services. If, after reading this Agreement, you do not agree with its terms or you do not understand them, then you are not authorized to use the Company’s Website or its Services. If you have already begun using the Company’s Website or its Services, you must discontinue using them immediately.

The Company regularly views, receives, and analyzes submissions of ideas, proposals, and designs for products and services. We ask that you make sure your product, innovation or idea already have some form of intellectual property protection before submitting it to our site. We request this as protection for you and us.  The Company may elect to provide you with an opinion of your submission and anything contained therein; however, the Company will not be required to provide any opinion or render any other advice concerning your submission. While the Company will not share your submission with any third party, the Company cannot guaranty that another person or entity will not offer, develop, patent or obtain any other intellectual property protection over the submission or idea, whether identical, similar or otherwise. The Company’s receipt of your submission will not prevent the Company from accepting, retaining, developing, or marketing identical or similar ideas received from others. Advice or opinions expressed by the Company will not be considered legal advice and cannot be relied upon as legal advice by you. By submitting an idea to the Company, either through the Company’s Website, its Services, or otherwise, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions that the Company has established for its users. Specifically, in some circumstances you may lose the right or opportunity to patent your idea or invention, or secure copyright or trademark protections afforded under the laws of the United States or any of its subdivisions (including states, commonwealths, districts, territories or possessions). We ask that you obtain some form of I.P. (Intellectual Property) protection before submission.

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